Renovation Guidelines

24th November 2009 –Updated 18 September 2012 The Estate Rules of the current Constitution, section 26.1.1 refers to ‘The standards and guidelines of all buildings and out- buildings, structures of any nature, swimming pools and all additions or alterations of any such buildings, out-buildings or structures erected or to be erected on the Erven in accordance with the architectural and landscape design guidelines  and in particular to control the design and colour of the exterior of such buildings, out-buildings or structures and the materials used on such exteriors to ensure an attractive and aesthetically pleasing character to all buildings on the Estate’. However, this does not give reference to an alteration/renovation procedure that needs to be followed hither-to. For this reason, the Building Administration Manager (BAM), has advised the Trustees that this area needs to be addressed, before it becomes a potential contentious issue. The integrity of the Estate needs to be protected at all costs, and for this reason the following procedure has been set out, to be followed by ALL residents, current or future, who wish to undertake external renovations / additions to their homes.
  1. Permission to build/renovate to be obtained from the current Building Admin Manager. This shall include prior consent from the Stonehaven Home Owners Association, controlling Architects (currently South Architects) as well as Council approved plans.
  2. A refundable building deposit of R5,000 must be paid across the board, pools inclusive. This is a ‘security’ deposit and will be refunded upon completion of the works, provided there has been no damage to HOA / Residential property. The R500 Building Levy will be charged on renovations/additions/pools etc that take longer than four (4) weeks to complete.
  3. An Environmentalist must be appointed for ALL renovations/additions/pools.
  4. The Construction OEMP must be adhered to by ALL throughout (renovations/additions/pools). Either the ESO or the BAM will monitor compliance with those specifications.
  5. For larger renovations, i.e. those that are expected to take longer than four (4) weeks, the Stonehaven Estate Environmental Agreement must be signed by the Owner/Contractor.
  6. Where a renovation/addition/pool that was expected to take less than the 4 week period is not completed within that time frame, building levies (R500) will be imposed for the full period, on a pro rata basis.
  7.  Upon completion of the works, the ESO will issue a sign-off certificate, and the BAM (Building Administration Manager) will issue a completion/clearance certificate, once the ESO clearance has been given. Failure to comply will result in the imposition of a building levy of R1000 plus VAT from date of commencement, until such time as the final sign off has been completed. Failure to sign-off within 6 months of commencement will result in the imposition of a penalty levy, the amount of which will be at the Trustees discretion. This refers to ALL renovations/additions/pools.
  8. ALL pools are to be enclosed in accordance with Council By-Laws.
  9. Exterior paint colours are to be cleared by the BAM (via the controlling Architect) if they differ from the original approved colours.
  10. Pools are included in all of the above procedures.
  11. For internal renovations, the BAM must be advised beforehand so that these can be monitored.
  12.  Minor exterior home improvements for example patio tiling, decking, general home maintenance etc the Homeowner will need to advise the BAM precisely as to what work is to be carried out. Dependent on the scope of the work it will be the at the BAM’s discretion as to whether points above apply.  All materials must fall within the accepted landscaping guideline.
Ratified at Trustee Meeting of 17/11/2009   Adopted by all Trustees
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