Contractors Code of Conduct

This document is to be signed by all Contractors employed by the Home Owners Association prior to carrying out any work within the Estate.  
  Stonehaven Estate is an environmentally sensitive area due to the presence of a wetland seep on the site, it’s topography and visual prominence of the site.  The development and ongoing management of the Estate has been guided by Construction and Operational Phase Environmental Management Plans which set out the environmental specifications for the Estate.  The Operational EMP aims to ensure that environmental management objectives are upheld during maintenance activities on the Estate.  
Contractors Responsibilities
  It is the responsibility of the Contractor to ensure that they have a full understanding of the environmental requirements for the Estate, and may ask for clarification if required.  Contractors will be held fully responsible, without exception, for all staff, sub-contractors and any person or persons they bring into the conservation area.  The Contractor is responsible for ensuring that all staff are aware of the Rules and Regulations and their compliance to these.  
Environmental Agreement
  I, __________________________ (Contractors name), of __________________________ (Company name) as appointed by the Stonehaven Homeowners Association to carry out work within the Estate acknowledge that:
  • I have received a copy of the Contractors Code of Conduct & Regulations;
  • This document is binding, but does not preclude prosecution under any other law or municipal by-law;
  • I have familiarised myself with the contents thereof and agree to be bound thereto.
  I further commit to:
  • co-operate with the Estate Manager as appointed by the HOA;
  • bind any and all appointed staff, sub-contractors and workers carrying out construction works on my behalf to the environmental specifications contained in the contract documentation;
  • adhere to all legislation applicable to the work being undertaken, including labour related issues.
I acknowledge that I will be held financially liable for the mitigation and remediation of any environmental damage caused by the works that I have carried out, any negligence or those that result from non-compliance with the contract specifications or the Contractors Code of Conduct & Regulations.   Signed     ___________________________________                                                    ______________________________ Contractor                                                                                               Date  
Concrete mixing
·       Can only be mixed on dugga boards, plastic, floor slabs or impermeable surface
Washing equipment
·       Paint & concrete equipment (spades, buckets, wheelbarrows) to be washed in a bermed area or drums
·       No wastewater to be thrown onto vegetation or down stormwater catchpits
·       No wastewater runoff from the site is permitted
Litter, Rubble and Waste
·       Definition: plastic, brick ties, chip/ sweet/lunch packets, bottles, cans & cement bags
·       Litter on site to be cleared on a daily basis - waste bins to be provided on all sites
·       No burning or burying of waste is permitted
·       Rubble & waste to be removed on a weekly basis.
·       Toilets to be secured with stays – no abluting anywhere but toilets
Materials Storage
·       No storage or stockpiling of materials or waste on the road
·       Permission from owner required for storage or stockpiling on adjacent property
·       Stockpiles prone to dust generation are to be covered with shadecloth or similar
·       The builder is responsible for all deliveries to the site. This includes ensuring that delivery personnel are informed of the environmental conditions
·       Deliveries only to take place from street frontage and delivery points as per site diagram
Site boundaries
·       All building activities to take place within area demarcated by Estate Manager
·       Stay out of “NO GO” areas – wetland and landscaped areas
·       Protect stormwater from being contaminated by runoff from building sites.
·       Cover catchpits with bidum or shadecloth
·       Work Hours: Week days 07h30 –18h00; Saturdays 08h00 – 14h00 (quiet work only)
·       Penalties will be levied when a builder is found to be in breach of rules
·       Builders are responsible for their sub-contractors, employees and suppliers at all times.
·       Roads & paving to be kept in neat & tidy at all times, & swept if directed by ESO/HOA
Safety and Security
·       Two fire extinguishers per building site.
·       Smoking only allowed in 5m radius of fire extinguishers
·       No open fires – formalised braais only with permission from ESO
·       No stockpiling of materials or equipment alongside the boundary fencing
·       No walking between building sites
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