Xone Security

Xone Xone Integrated Security specialises in both Manpower as well as Technology equally, and    Stonehaven Estate is a perfect example of the category of Client Site which we have proven to be  extremely effective at managing from a risk, safety and security perspective. Xone has become well-known within the Industry as a Residential Estate Specialist and we have made  a significant difference to the numerous Estates on which we play a role throughout South Africa. We are perhaps best known for our Processes - those which integrate Manpower and Technology to ensure optimal efficiency of the whole security offering.  It is these very Processes which we are particularly focused on during our first months on the Stonehaven site. Our website address is: www.xone.co.za To view customer testimonials: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CEebNV2ycsQ Estate Manager's Office 021 785 7772    
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