Stonehaven Code of Conduct

  Ratified at HOA Trustee Meeting 18/04/2011. This Code of Conduct will be incorporated into the Estate Rules.

Stonehaven Homeowners Association


The Trustees would like the Estate to be associated with a very specific identity – a brand that is trusted and highly sought after. Apart from the physical elements such as the aesthetics and infrastructure that help shape this identity, the character (or atmosphere) of a place is equally important. The way we behave or do things in a place determines the atmosphere or ‘vibe’ of that place. It is this vibe that will either make newcomers feel welcome and secure in the knowledge that his/her neighbour is looking out for them or isolated and insular.  And it is this vibe that either allows for a more informal and casual management style, or an over-controlled and aggressive approach. A vibe will either motivate all neighbours to rally together to meet the challenge of an unlikely disaster head-on and prevail or foster a disparate and individualistic response. This Code of Conduct is the genesis of a common set of values that informs our behaviour and how we do things on the Estate.

Purpose of the Code

The purpose of this code is to promote a common vision of a sustainable eco-estate through neighborliness.


We, the members and residents of Stonehaven Estate, envisage a sustainable and thriving eco-estate, fostered by an excellent community spirit.

Our Values

These are the values that we hold in common:
  • Communal interests
  • Neighborliness
  • Environmentally conscious
  • Integrity
  • Objectivity
  • Accountability
  • Honesty

Commitment to promoting communal interests

We strive to: Take an active interest in the well-being of the Estate – this amongst others means making every effort to:
  • Acquaint ourselves with the HOA constitution, policies, rules and Code of Conduct of the Estate
  • Peruse and to respond to (where applicable) relevant correspondence that the HOA Board distributes from time to time
  • Uphold the aesthetic, architectural and environmental vision and standards of the Estate
  • Participate constructively in all the meetings concerning the Estate
  • Be available to serve as a Trustee on the HOA Board and/or to serve on any of its Sub-Committees or ad hoc Committees
  • Voluntarily contribute any specific resource (such as skill, competence, money, and the like) to further the communal interests of the Estate, without expecting any type of compensation in lieu of it
  • Hold the HOA Board accountable
  • Pay all our levies and other HOA charges when they are due - or approach the HOA on a timely basis to discuss suitable arrangements if we experience financial difficulties

Commitment to neighborliness

We strive to:
  • Look out for the interests of our neighbours at all times – this, amongst others means being considerate, respectful and polite towards one another and looking out for their and the estate’s safety and security
  • Protect our neighbours’ integrity and good name and will not defame one another nor the Estate
  • Engage our neighbours directly about conflicts, complaints, issues or concerns that we have concerning them before escalating these to either the HOA Board or taking any other course of action
  • Solicit and obtain our surrounding neighbours’ opinion and or support with regard to any action on our properties that we think might negatively affect them
  • Refrain from any action or inaction that might negatively impact on our neighbours and the estate as a whole
  • Not harass, threaten, bully or attempt through any means to control or instill fear in any neighbour, Trustee or HOA contractor, other contractors and workers on the estate
  • Value fellow members’ constructive comments and/inputs in meetings or correspondence
  • Conduct our correspondence and other interaction with each other, including the Trustees, with the decorum it deserves, i.e. we refrain from rude and/or defamatory type of language
  • Value our diversity, understanding that at any point in time, the Estate’s membership will reflect a diverse demographic (age, culture, race, religion, income, lifestyle, skills, competencies, etc.) – in a sense respecting others’ “worldviews’’
  • Demonstrate compassion and mercy when any of our neighbours are experiencing undue hardship or difficulty

Commitment to being environmentally conscious

We strive to:
  • Be more sensitive and aware of the dynamics influencing the environment we are living in
  • Contribute constructively towards conserving and/or rehabilitating the environment in which we live
  • Reduce our carbon and waste footprint per household and the estate as a whole and participate in innovative ways to re-cycle organic & garden waste
  • Use water and electricity sparingly and participate in creative and innovative ways to use water and electricity more efficiently

Commitment to integrity

We strive to:
  • Match our actions with our words of intent, i.e. we align our behaviour with our stated values, principles, promises, agreements, contracts, rules, regulations, code of conduct and constitution
  • Behave consistently despite the fact that we may be negatively affected
  • No member, resident, Trustee or the HOA Board shall accept or offer directly or indirectly a payment or gift or favour in lieu of influencing a decision or action of action on any official matter affecting the Estate or our neighbours

Commitment to objectivity

We strive to:
  • Act impartially in all matters affecting the estate and our neighbours
  • Disclose any conflict of interest
  • Obtain all the relevant facts on a matter before making a judgment on it
  • Make decisions and/or act on any matter without fear or favour

Commitment to accountability

We strive to:
  • Take ownership for our decisions and/or actions or inactions and accept the consequences thereof
  • Not ‘pass the buck’ and blame others in instances where we either share the blame or are entirely to blame

Commitment to Honesty

We strive to:
  • Provide the facts and the truth about matters or issues affecting the Estate and our neighbours
  • No member, resident or Trustee will willingly misrepresent facts to the residents of the community for the sole purpose of advancing a personal cause or influencing the community to place pressure on the HOA to advance a member's or Trustee’s personal cause.

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