The speed limit in the estate is 25 km/h. Residents are requested to comply with this to ensure the Estate is a safe place for children and any natural wildlife. Due to the unprecedented increase in motorists disregarding the speed limit on the estate, the HOA will issue penalties┬áto errant drivers reported to the estate manager, trustees or security guards. Not only are excessive speeding and/or reckless driving a hazard to people, animals and property; it also disturbs the peace and tranquility on the estate. The fine is therefore issued in lieu of a blatant disregard to comply with the estate's code of conduct and rules. Should the errant driver be a visitor, the member who is being visited will be issued with the fine. Please inform your visitors of the HOA's policy with regard to speeding and or reckless driving on the estate. It is your responsibility to ensure that the estate's code of conduct and rules are complied with. Please note that this policy is effective immediately.   Home Owners Association
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