Security Policies

The following security procedure has been compiled as a guideline for Stonehaven Estate members and residents to follow in the instance of a security breach. SECURITY BREACH IN PERIMETER FENCE: If any resident is walking on the estate and finds that the perimeter fence has been breached in any way
  1. Note the geographical area where the breach has occurred
  2. Alert the guardhouse as soon as possible of the breach and where the breach is situated on the estate
  3. Alert the trustee who is responsible for security on the estate as well as the estate manager and inform them of the breach.
SECURITY BREACH AT MEMBER’S PREMISES:  Some of the premiseson the estate have private alarm systems and others do not. Coupled with that, some of the private alarm systems are linked to an armed response company. In the instance of a breach on your property while the resident is home:
  1. DO NOT attempt to apprehend the perpetrator alone.
  2. Try to secure yourself and your family in a locked room or behind security gates.
  3. If an alarm system is installed, push the panic button and alert the guardhouse as soon as possible. Alert armed response if necessary.
  4. If no alarm is installed, alert the guard house and the security trustee as soon as possible
  5. The guardhouse will respond and alert SAPS.
In the instance of a breach on your property while away: If you detect the breach on your arrival back home:
  1. DO NOT enter your premises alone
  2. Drive to the guardhouse or call the guardhouse from your (still running) vehicle immediately.
  3. Alert the guards of the breach
  4. Alert the security trustee of the breach.
If you detect the breach after entering your premises:
  1. Get out of the premises as soon as possible.
  2. DO NOT try to find and apprehend the perpetrator alone
  3. Drive back to the guard house or get out of your premises before calling the guard house
  4. Contact the security trustee.
In the instance of a breach on a neighbour’s property:
  1. DO NOT try to investigate the breach alone.
  2. Call the guard house immediately and inform them of the breach
  3. Call the security trustee immediately so that the resident can be notified.
In all instances above, under no circumstances should a resident try to intervene in a breach. Rather leave that for the estate guards, armed response units or SAPS to deal with. They have all been trained to deal with such situations. While we all live on a an eco estate and the security of the members are of utmost importance, it is also recommended that all members insure their own security by not leaving doors unlocked or windows open while away from the premises. It is in all members’ best interest to constantly ensure limited temptation and ease of access to individual properties. Regards Stonehaven Estate HOA.
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