General Rules

In general, the below-mentioned rules flow from the Homeowners Constitution (para 26 in particular) and the environmental management plan for the Estate, which are the over-riding authorities relating to living on the Estate. Residents are asked to respect these rules, which are for everyone’s benefit. Action will be taken against residents who disregard the rules. Whilst the general rules as set out below provides a summary of policies Residents are requested to observe/familarise themselves with the more detailed policies which provides more detail with reference to conduct.
  1. All residents are required to landscape, irrigate and maintain their verges.
  1. The approval of the trustees is required in order to erect ANY building, structure, pergola, awning etc. and any such work must be in line with building & landscape guidelines. For details refer para 5.6 & 5.7 of the constitution.
  1. Residents are required to comply with all security procedures and to obey the requests of security personnel, whose aim is to provide a safe and secure environment for all residents. (also refer to the “Security Policy”)
  1. Residents may not (and must ensure that their guests do not) dispose of litter, rubble or garden refuse, damage or destroy trees, vegetation and landscaping in common areas and must not leave the laid-out paths or roads.
  1. Residents must, at all times, be sensitive to the needs of others and must not engage in or allow behaviour that in the opinion of the Trustees is noisome, raucous, injurious, detrimental to others or objectionable. As this rule is subjective in nature and thus open to various interpretations, common sense should prevail.
  1. Dogs, cats, domesticated birds, as well as hamsters and similar creatures may be kept. A maximum of 2 dogs or 2 cats may be kept.(or 1 cat and 1 dog). Owners, who have in excess of this number prior to moving in, may apply to the HOA for permission to keep their existing number, on the understanding that, in due course, excess animals may not be replaced. Dogs must at all times be kept on a leash outside of their owner’s property and all dog excrement must be removed from common areas and disposed of on the owner’s property. (Also refer to the separate “Dog Policy”).
  1. Cats must wear bells in order to reduce the possibility of them attacking the natural wildlife on the Estate.
  1. The speed limit in the estate is 25 km/h. Residents are requested to comply with this to ensure the Estate is a safe place for children and any natural wildlife. (Also refer to the separate “Speeding Policy”)
  1. Boats, caravans, trailers and the like must be housed within the resident’s property at all times. Vehicles of residents and their visitors are to be parked on the resident’s property overnight, but may be parked on the roadside during the day for periods of up to 12 hours, should all the parking space on the resident’s property be taken up. It is accepted that there will be evenings where residents entertain a number of visitors, who may be forced to park on the roadside. Residents are responsible for ensuring that their visitors park considerately and do not block the road, or damage the verges.
  1. Upon taking up residence in the Estate, Residents should apply to the South Peninsula sub-council to have their names added to the refuse collection run.
  1. The Estate has installed the Telkom inter-call facility. This allows for free calls of up to 1 minute between Telkom lines in resident’s homes and the gatehouse. New residents are entitled to discounts on the installation of a new Telkom line. Once your Telkom line is installed, please leave a written request with the gatehouse for your name to be added to the Intercall facility. (Form available at the gatehouse).
  1. Water meters will be read monthly and the cost of water debited to the owner’s levy account.
Homeowners Association
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