The Stonehaven Estate boasts a large variety of Fauna and Flora. The lists that were compiled contain information on Reptiles, Mammals, Birds, Spiders, Insects and Fynbos all of which share the Estate with us. Johan Deetlefs compiled the information with the input from Kim Buckley Wright, Dave Young and Lee Jones. Kim is a registered specialist nature guide and resident on the Estate since 2006. She grew up in Johannesburg but has been living in the Cape since 1981. She is also a wildlife illustrator with a background in journalism and educational work. As a specialist birding guide, she does nature walks in the Peninsula and private tours to the Kruger and Kgalgadi – mainly for birding, photography and wildlife observation and has a passion for predators (lions, hyenas and leopards including raptors). Dave Young currently chairs the Environmental Committee. Dave’s career has involved many aspects of environmental awareness. Dave was closely involved with the production of Potable and Process Water Treatment for the Atomic Energy Board at Pelindaba and the treatment of Radioactive Waste both at Pelindaba and nationally. Dave moved on to Project Management in the Gas, Steel, and Electricity Generation industries where he was responsible for air pollution and wastewater treatment and control. In the Mining industry encompassing Coal, Iron Ore, Gold and Diamonds, Dave was responsible for topsoil removal and stockpiling of the green field Process Plants to be re-used for final rehabilitation. Dave was also responsible for the construction of Slurry Waste Dams and the clean water return to the site for re-use as Process Water. Dave’s family is all nature lovers and their children have become avid birders, and animal lovers.  th The children’s interests in Flora and Fauna led their son Brett to become a Horticulturist and Alistair, his brother a practicing attorney in Environmental Law in Johannesburg. Dave and his wife Sue’s long-term passion for gardening and landscaping is evident in their current garden, which has been designed to attract birds as well as the Estate’s mammals. Dave’s contact details are or 0824610631. Lee Jones is the Estate’s external environmental auditor trading as Indigenous Vegetation Consultancy in Association with MLA-Sustainability Matters and therefore clearly qualified in both Fauna and Flora aspects of environmental management. Lee has introduced the Estate (and the work done for these identification lists) to the South African Botanical Institute through iSpot ( They are not directly interested in “plain” species lists but rather in individual observations with one (or more) photographs of each plant or animal species and a record of the place and date the photograph was taken. Please note therefore, that the quality of the photos vary depending on the source. Where photos were obtained from the Estate’s residents these have been included with their names below the photo. For those who wish to participate in this project please forward your photos to with the date and place where the photo was taken. On a bi-monthly basis the species lists will be updated to include the photos of taken by residents and iSpot will be informed of the details re of any specific species. The Insect and Flora lists were not completed at the time of posting this information and will follow in due course. In the meantime you are more than welcome to visit the iSpot Stonehaven Estate sight at the following link for a list of Flora.
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