Leopard Toad (Bufo pardalis)

The Leopard toad is endangered and one will notice the great lengths and efforts undertaken by enthusiasts to protect the species all around the Noordhoek area. The Estate boasts the presence of these toads but they are not common. A relatively small toad which is recognized by the paired paravertebral patches with a pale or yellow vertebral line. The snout is free of dark markings. leopard-toad  

Stream Frog (Strongylopus grayii)

A small frog which is mostly recognized by the sound it makes. A wooden tapping sound emitted with monotonous regularity. Colouration is extremely variable with dark spots frequently evident on a lighter ground colour and a vertebral line or band. Toes are long. clicking-stream-frog  

Cape River Frog (Rana fuscigula)

A larger frog with green dorsal colouration with dark spots and a light vertebral stripe. The jawline tapers gradually from behind the eyes to a rounded snout. Toes are webbed. Two different calls are normally heard A short strangled groan or grunt followed by a series of taps cape-river-frog
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