Procedures for Estate Agents

Any Agent who wishes to market a property in Stonehaven Estate shall supply the Estate Manager with their Credentials & Contact Details in order to be allowed access to Stonehaven Security Estate. The Estate Manager to be advised which properties are being marketed, each time an Agent begins to market a new property on their books. For Sale Boards will only be allowed to be put up at the property being marketed from 8h00 on Sunday and must be removed by 18h00 Sunday.  No FOR SALE boards to remain up at the property at any other time. Only ‘Stonehaven Estate’ FOR SALE boards will be permitted. Estate Agents are to collect the ‘Stonehaven Estate’ FOR SALE boards from the Estate Managers office or the security gate, no later than 5pm on the Friday prior to Show House or Show Plot. The same must be returned no later than 18h30 on the evening of the Show House or Show Plot. These ‘Stonehaven Estate’ FOR SALE signs must be signed out and signed back in again by security. Only 1 For Sale board per property may be put up at any time, with permission of the owners. Access for showing of house: WEEKDAYS
    1. Estate Agent to meet their clients at the Security Gate.
    2. The client to be signed in with Security.
    3. Agent to escort client to specific house & around the estate, if required.
    4. Agent to escort client off estate.
    5. Security to sign client out of estate.
SUNDAY SHOW HOUSE Show boards may be put up from Sunday 0800 on the day of showing and are to be removed by no later than Sunday by 1800.  "On Show" Boards with permission of the owner only.
    1. No boards will be allowed over night on Sunday. If found by the Estate Manager, they will be removed, a letter of warning will be issued.  The board may be claimed back @ R50,00 per board.
    2. Security must be advised of the show house taking place with appropriate address and the agents contact phone number given to security, no later than Friday 1700.
    3. There should be two show agents/sitters at the show house if possible, so that one can escort prospective buyers to and from the gate. If this is not possible, then the house must be locked and the agent must personally collect the prospective buyer from the gate. Clients must also be escorted back to the gate by the agent and signed out by security.
    4. Show Plots- Prospective buyers must be signed in and out of the Estate. The agent must meet the prospective buyers at the gate and personally take them to the particular plot on show.
    5. Security to sign each client into Stonehaven Estate and check him or her out again.
If not adhered to the Estate agent will be given a letter of warning. Upon a 2nd offence the Agent will be black listed. Estate Manager - Stonehaven Estate  
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