General Questions

How do I compliment / query / complain about something?

Please log all compliments, incidents, reports, queries or concerns via: admin@stonehavenestate.co.za

Hours of operation

Estate Office:  Monday – Friday : 07h30 – 16h00 (closed weekends and public holidays)

Who should I speak to?

  • Services / building issues – Estate Office/Trustees
  • Levies / accounts issues – Scenic Bay – Linda office: 021 785 5363 or cell 082 770 4365

New to the estate

  • How do I move in?
Estate Management and Security are to be informed, at least one week in advance, of all intended move-in dates. No horse and trailers (articulated vehicles) or containers will be allowed through the Main Gate. Please advise moving companies to use single axle vehicles or sprinter vans/shuttle vehicles.

Access for Residents?

All residents require an e-tag for their vehicles which is obtainable from the estate office.

What should I know / read?

  • Constitution
  • Code of Conduct
  • Architectural Guidelines
  • Landscaping Guidelines
  • Rules of the Estate
  • Policies adopted by HOA

What is the speed limit?

25km / hour at all times. Please drive carefully as there are children, residents, indigenous wildlife and pets around. Consideration for others and the rules of the road should be paramount and are enforceable as per the estate rules.

Visitor access?

Visitors will only be permitted once telephonic or written approval has been given by the homeowner/resident to Security. A valid car and drivers license will be required before entry.

Where can I or my visitors’ park?

Designated visitor parking bays are available throughout the estate. The parking bays are limited and residents should try as far as possible to accommodate visitor vehicles on their premises. Residents should park their own vehicles on their own premises.  Vehicles may not park on open plots or public open spaces and may not cause obstruction on the estate roads. Consideration should at all times be given to access and safety of fellow residents.

When is the refuse collected?

General refuse – Thursdays – please ensure your refuse is out early and in a City of Cape Town black wheelie bin. Recyclable materials (glass, tin, paper, cardboard, plastic) – Thursdays – please ensure your refuse is out early.

How do I get a Wheelie Bin?

Apply at Fish Hoek Civic Centre, Recreation Road, Fish Hoek. Tel: 021 784 2028

How do I get post?

The post is delivered daily to the Post Boxes at the entrance to the Estate by the Post Office staff. The nearest available Post Office boxes are at Longbeach Mall. Please note that the box numbers do not correspond with your street address number.

How do I get a Post Box Key?

A key should be obtained from the outgoing resident as part of the handover. In the event that this fails speak to the Estate Office in order to have a key cut.

How do I get a landline (telephone)?

Contact Telkom. The telephone number is to be provided to Estate Office and Security as soon as the line is installed.

How do my service providers / builder get access?

Estate Office/ Security to be advised in advance or the resident will be contacted by Security to confirm access.

What do Security do (and don’t do)?

Security controls access to the Estate, ensure the perimeter fence is operational and patrolled, and do regular 24 x 7 patrols throughout the Estate. Security are not permitted to hand out business flyers, take messages for residents, accept post or parcels on behalf of anyone, keep keys or other items for visitors / residents.

What about my pets?

Stonehaven Estate allows pets subject to the estate rules. Please consult the policy on cats and dogs for the rules surrounding pets.

Can I plant whatever I want?

Stonehaven Estate is within the protected area of the Table Mountain National Park and as such, only plants indigenous to the Western Cape, as indicated in the Landscaping Guidelines may be planted. Other plants may be kept in pots in limited quantities.

Garden Refuse?

Garden refuse disposal is available at the City Waste Disposal site located off Kommetjie Road.

What are the times of access / building hours for Contractors or Service Providers?

  • Monday to Friday 07h30 to 18h00 (Estate to be vacated by 18h00)
  • Saturday By 07h30 to 14h00 (Estate to be vacated by 14h00)
  • Sundays & Public Holidays No work permittedBuilder’s Holiday - No work permitted from Mid December through to mid January. Actual dates are advised by Estate management and vary annually.

What levies do I pay and when?

  • Normal levies
  • Building levies– While in the process of building or renovating.
  • Penalty levies– If the building period has been exceeded the vacant property will be subject to penalty levies.
  • Fines– There are a number of items in the Contractors Agreement and the Code of Conduct which may result in fines being issued by Estate Management for non-compliance. These normally follow written warnings. Property owners are ultimately responsible for any fines incurred by their contractors, service providers or visitors.

New Dwellings

  • What is the Architectural Design Manual / Design Guidelines?
Stonehaven Estate abuts the Table Mountain National Park, and the dwellings on the Estate should be designed and positioned in such a way that they would form an integral part of the natural landscape as per the approved Operating Environmental Management Program. The Architectural Design Guidelines (Design Manual) sets out the Urban, Architectural and Landscape Controls with which the homeowners will have to comply, and forms part of the Stonehaven Estate Home Owners Association’s Constitution. In terms of the Agreement of Sale and the Constitution, owners will be obliged to submit their drawings (including two Landscape Plans and an irrigation layout diagram to the controlling landscaper, ) to the controlling architect, Jonathan Hill and Design Review Committee for design approval, before submitting them to the local authority for final approval. Approval or rejection of the design is entirely at the discretion of the controlling architect and the Design Review Committee.

What costs are payable to the HOA for building?

  • Building deposit – R5,000
  • Scrutiny fees – Refer to the appointed Controlling architect, controlling landscaper and Environmental Site Officer.
  • Building Levy – R1000