Complaints Procedure

Procedures for lodging complaints / compliments / suggestions / concerns   The majority of Trustees have full time jobs, are not remunerated for their efforts, receive no 'fringe' benefits or levy discounts. Their time is therefore limited.   It has become increasingly difficult to deal with the vast amount of daily correspondence that is being received from residents on a variety of issues through telephone calls, e-mails and social media. However, it remains important that communication with residents is enhanced, maintained and effectively structured to ensure all issues are addressed and that the time to resolve issues is monitored further ensuring residents receive timely responses to their issues and updates on progress in resolving same.   The HOA supports and encourages the use of social media and the various discussions that necessarily result therefrom between residents. However where issues or complaints arise which need the intervention of the Estate Manager, a Trustee or all Trustees, it would be best to follow the procedure below to facilitate a speedy response.   In the first instance and in the interest of building a positive community and neighbourliness, residents are encouraged to address any concerns they have with regard to their neighbours, with them (the neighbours) first, before escalating it to the HOA.   As part of an effort to improve communication between members/tenants and the HOA we established an e-mail address:     Any information of whatever nature will be treated confidentially. Where necessary such communication will be directed to the relevant Trustee or Trustees for resolution.   This mailbox ensures that issues are addressed on a timely basis and any suggestions from residents receive due consideration.   Whilst the word “complaints” is used in the e-mail address, its is not necessarily only for complaints but can also be used for compliments, suggestions, additional information and/or requests that residents wish to bring to the HOA’s attention.   The following procedure is to be followed by all residents (members and tenants) who have any complaint / query / grievance / suggestion / comment:  
  1. For mundane issues that can be resolved quickly and informally, please direct these, preferably in writing to the Estate Office.
  In instances where it is not practical to send an e-mail, contact the Estate Office telephonically.   Contact address - Office no -        021 785 7772   Trustees meet regularly to discuss Estate matters. Any item that cannot be resolved by the Estate Manager and/or responsible Trustee will be presented at a Trustees meeting for discussion and resolution. Residents will receive periodic status reports on issues that are outstanding for long periods of time,   Homeowners Association (HOA)
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